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papelplumaIn 2014  we face an extremely difficult situation, a limit and social emergency situation that urges us -working class, citizens and ordinary people- to answer collectively and massively.

Milions of workers face unemployment. It is humiliating having hands to work, having a degree, having craft and intellectual skills and not finding a job. The collective talent of a whole society is being spoilt and their future put in risk endlessly. Workers do not deserve this outrage of our collective dignity.

Hundreds of thousands of families have lost their homes. There is nothing more inhuman than evicting a family from their home just to feed the insatiable greed of a pack of bankers without scruples. Bankers whom Troika’s servant States feed at the expense of impoverishing -more if possible- working class and vulnerable people.


In the meanwhile, management put the squeeze on reducing wages and worsening labour conditions, taking advantage of the massive unemployment drama. Due to the difficult situation workers cannot question their role as people utilised by capital. The system tries to force us to show gratitude to employers, who became benefactors for society thanks to the system. It is time to share work and wealth, and for working people to take control of their future.

Our young people cannot build up their own life project because of the current politics and they head towards making a life abroad just like our parents and grandparents did before.

We say NO to a patriarchal system that pulls us back to past times, that steals us the right to decide about our bodies, and denies us the capacity to decide if we women wish or do not wish to be mothers. It also makes us come back home to entirely devote to children care.

We are suffering politics ruled by PP party government which follows Troika’s instructions (International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank, European Comission). These politics consist in stealing rights and impoverishing the general social majority. These politics are based on the illigetimate payment of debt that has not been contracted by cityzens. It has been the result of bank speculation and of the excess by different governments.


They privatise everything and  at the same time they take advantage of profitable services and cut budget in health, education, dependence, public transport, water, power, media, social services, etc. These cuts result adversely in our civil rights. They laugh at our elderly, who suffer a great loss of their purchasing power meanwhile their whole life savings are being seized by the ‘preferentes’ bank fraud and other criminal financial products.


The PSOE government, with the PP support, modified article 135 in the Spanish Constitution so that payment of debt were prior to people rights and needs. They justified it saying that we had lived above our possibilities and consequently we had to be austere so that deficit could be reduced. However, there have not been any cuts related to injecting thousands of milion euros to rescue banks and speculators.


They are taking advantage of the crisis to cut rights.These politics cuts produce suffering, poverty, hunger and even deaths. All this so that bank and economic powers go on getting big profits at the expense of our lives.


They have stolen our freedom. Capitalism does not need liberties and most social rights. It is a system that looks exclusively for the private profit of a few and leads us inexorably to an environmental and social disaster of incalculable range.


For the social majority, this fraud-crisis means a gigantic human drama. However, for an insignificant minority it supposes a big deal. And when we protest, we always get the same answer: repression and union & social movement criminalization. It is a system that needs repression to survive so it must be overcome by our struggle in the streets.


The 78 Constitution system breakingdown becomes evident due to the same elements that were present in its birth, and that happened against people. A system that is corroded by corruption and has no legitimacy. Rights and liberties have been stolen to favour the interests of a few and assure their profits. They have led us to this state of social emergency by destroying education and public health systems, by drastically reducing our elderly pensions, by taking our homes, by closing companies and by dismissing thousands of workers.


The different Governments are placed out of legality. They turn the rights that took so much to conquer, and now support corruption, into a business. This is a

widespread fact but it depends on the economic system, which is part of the same society structure and is essential for its development. Both corrupters and those who are influenced by corruption are part of this unfair system that produces and distributes wealth.


We call on the people to exert their sovereignty raising their voice democratically from the bottom up, to build a constitutional process that will really ensure democratic freedoms, the right to decide and the fundamental rights of persons.


As part of the MARCH OF DIGNITY 22M, we consider important to organize a huge united and convincing action against those politics threatening human rights and social justice.


An action against the payment of debt, for dignified labour, for basic income, for social rights, for democratic liberties, against cuts, repression and corruption, for a free men and women society, an action against a system, regime and governments we don’t like and do not represent us.


So we demand that they leave. PP government must leave and all governments that cut basic social rights and collaborate with the Troika must leave too.


Therefore we issue a call to fill the capital of Spain, Madrid, with dignity and rebellion on March 22nd. That day people from all latitudes in Spain will arrive in Madrid. We also call people from Madrid to go out to the street to join that big social majority action.





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