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In 2014 we find ourselves facing an extremely difficult situation, an intolerable situation of social emergency that calls upon us to give a massive collective response, the response of the working class, of all citizens and of the peoples of the Spanish State.

Millions of workers are out of work. It is humiliating to have two hands ready to work, to have a degree, to have the manual and intellectual capacity to work and to find no work – utterly humiliating. The collective talent of our society is being squandered, mortgaging our future indefinitely.


We, as workers, do not deserve this outrageous affront to our collective dignity. Hundreds of thousands of families have lost their home. There is nothing more inhumane than to evict a family from their home simply to glut the insatiable greed of bankers completely lacking in scruples. Bankers that the Troika’s lackey states feed and pamper at the cost of impoverishing still more the working class and the most vulnerable members of our society.


Meanwhile, big company bosses exploit the drama of mass unemployment to put the screws on those of us that still have a job, slashing wages and deteriorating working conditions. Workers, who in such a desperate situation, are not allowed to question their role as mere chattel exploited by capital. The system is trying to make us give our thanks to the capitalists whom it seeks to convert into benefactors of society. Now’s the time to share work and wealth so that we workers can become masters of our future.


With current government policies, our young ones have no possibility of forging a project for a decent life, but are forced to eke out a living abroad, just like our parents and grandparents.


We say a resounding “NO” to a patriarchal system that is dragging us back to the past, robbing us of our right to decide about our bodies, denying us the possibility to decide if we wish to be mothers or not, forcing us back into the house to endure household slavery.


We are suffering the policies implemented by the “Popular Party” (PP) submissive to the diktat of the Troika (the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the European Commission), policies which boil down to robbing us of our rights and the generalized impoverishment of the social majority. These policies are based on the payment of an illegitimate debt that we citizens have not incurred: it is the result of financial speculation and Government excesses and extravagance..


They are privatizing everything that is profitable and cutting the budgets for healthcare, for education, for the care of dependent people, for public transport, for water, for energy, for communications, for social services etc., all of which has disastrous consequences for our rights as citizens. They laugh at our elderly who are suffering an enormous loss in purchasing power while they are forced to look on as their life’s savings are being forfeited through the banking swindles of the so-called “preferreds” and other criminal financial services and products.


The government of the PSOE, the so-called Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party, with the support of the PP, modified article 135 of the Constitution to assert the precedence of foreign debt payment over the rights and needs of people. They justified it by saying we had lived beyond our means, that we would have to be austere, and so, that it was mandatory to reduce our deficit. However, there have been no cuts when it comes to pumping out tens of billions euros to save the banks and speculators.


They are seizing on the crisis to cut back our rights. These policies of cuts are causing suffering, poverty, hunger and even deaths and all that just so the bank and the economic powers that be can go on reaping fat profits at the cost of our lives.


Because they have robbed us our freedom. For capitalism, the freedom and rights of the social majority are superfluous. It is a system that exclusively seeks the private profit of the few and which is dragging us inexorably into an ecological and social crisis of incalculable consequences.


For the social majority this crisis-cum-swindle means a horrifying human drama.


However, for an insignificant minority, the crisis means big business. And when we protest we always get the same response: repression, criminalization of class unionism and of grassroots social movements. It is a system that needs repression to hold itself up: it must be overcome by struggle in the street.

The decomposition of the regime that emerged from the Constitution of 1978 is palpable and those very elements present in its birth, against the will of the people, are corroded by corruption and have lost all claim to legitimacy. Our rights and freedoms have been purloined to favour the interests of a minority and guarantee their profits: the very same people that have brought us to this state of social emergency, by dismantling the public education and health services, by drastically slashing the pensions of our elderly, by expropriating us of our homes, by shutting down businesses and by sacking thousands of workers.


The different governments have positioned themselves outside the law, they are commoditizing rights which have taken so much to win and they are sustaining corruption, a generalized phenomenon but not independent of the economic system: it forms an essential part of the very structure of this society and is indispensable for it to survive. Both the corrupters and those who allow themselves to be corrupted form a part of this unjust system of production and distribution of wealth.


We call upon peoples to exercise their sovereignty, by speaking out to build a bottom-up democracy, to forge a Constituent Process capable of really guaranteeing democratic freedoms, the right to decide and the basic rights of people.


As participants in the MARCH FOR DIGNITY 22M (22 March), we consider it essential to set up a unitary, forceful and decisive mass mobilization against those policies which infringe human rights and make a mockery of social justice.


It is a mobilization against payment of the debt, for decent jobs, for basic income, for social rights, for democratic freedoms, against cuts, repression and corruption, for a society of free women and men, a mobilization against a system, a regime and a series of governments that are attacking us and that do not represent us.


We therefore demand that they get out: out with the PP Government and all governments that cut basic social rights, out with all governments that connive with the Troika’s policies.


That is why we are calling upon people to fill Madrid, capital of the Spanish State, with dignity and rebellion the coming 22 March. On that day our columns will converge on Madrid from the four corners of the Peninsula and we call upon the people of Madrid to come out onto the street and to join this great mobilization of the social majority.




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